Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm Dreaming of a PINK Christmas

Lately pink has been a favourite colour of mine! So for my Rotaract club's Annual Christmas Dinner, I actually used my chain and bangle as inspiration for the ensemble. 

Top - A Gift from my Aunt
Skirt- Gift from a friend
Shoes - Club Intuition
Accessories - Gifts from a friend
Face - Mary Kay foundation (Bronze 607), MAC eyeshadow palette, Clinique Chubby Sick in Woppin' Watermelon, Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara

My pixie gift was a highlight of my night.....

For Renaissance's Christmas Eve Party I chose to continue the Pink Christmas  look....

After the party....Make up almost gone lol

Top - Gift from a friend
Skirt- Grandeur
Necklace - Gift from a friend
Earrings - Belonged to my Grandmother
Face - (was) Mary Kay foundation (Bronze 607), MAC eyeshadow palette & Jordana Eyeshadow Cornsilk/Earth, Clinique Chubby Sick in Woppin' Watermelon, Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara

Saturday, December 22, 2012

They Say The Best Is From The West....

Last weekend was an AMAZING!

I needed a little break from the hustle and bustle of city life, so I decided to spend the weekend with my friend Shani ( in Montego Bay!

My journey started on Friday in Downtown Kingston; I decided not to opt for the Knutsford Express route because I don't think I need to pay $2500 for a $650 Anyhow....Downtown (as expected) was hot and miserable and the wait for a bus was long. 4 hour journey aside...when I got to Coral Gardens I was uber excited! It was the start of girl's weekend! The fabulous Miss Sunipink turned me into a dancehall diva for the night with the help of her trust make up kit. Thank God I know a MUA.

Every Montegonian I know declares that Friday night belongs to Pier 1. So...we kick started the night with a "Kingstonian" friday night ritual... a fast food run! After which we had drinks at the Wexford. Anyone who knows me knows that I love me a good bar and an even better bartender and the Wexford did not disappoint me at all.

At about 1 am we made our way to Pier 1. I am the worst dancer ever but turn on some music and i'm a dancing machine!!!!

Saturday was chill day, so Shani & I did the Bottom Road...the tourist way. And of course...we met some wonderful people. The afternoon, was spent at the Fairview Shopping Centre a.k.a "UPT Kingston." My taste buds had a field day at Cafe Blue and the Mobay Chocolate Company; and my inner Goddess had a field day at Fontana & Bohios.

The weekend offered well needed rest & fun....

Here are a few pics from the Weekend!!!

Make-Up Courtesy of Shani (
Me (On the phone as usual) & Shani

Pier 1
Sitting by Margaritaville

Me & Ele

Kissing the Elephant

Fooling around in Fontana
Merry Xmas
True Words in Bohios

Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas....

Call me the Grinch! Christmas is not my favourite time of the year. Why? Because I equate it with ALOT of UNNECESSARY spending! However, yesterday I was reminded of the true meaning and spirit of the season!

My club works with the Jamaica Autism Support Association once a month with their project "Activate Yourself." We spend the last Saturdays of the month (usually) spending quality time with young adults on the Autism Spectrum. This activity has changed my life for the better! It is wonderful spending time with these youths. They are frank, loving and kind.

So... yesterday JASA held a Christmas Party for all the kids and families aligned to the association. We assisted with decor and engaging our Activate Yourself friends.

Seeing the sheer joy on the kids faces and the love their families share, made me step back and forget the insanity of the world!!!!!! It reminded me of what Christmas represents...LOVE!

Love is the greatest gift we can give to each other this season so let's focus on giving more LOVE rather than vanity!

Peace Dolls

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

OOTN: Miss Teen Portmore Elimination

Romper: Puntocom (Gift from Mom)
Zebra Print Scarf:  Gift from my cousin (bought in Toronto)
Clutch: Skaih Designs (
Earrings: Gift from my cousin (bought in Toronto)
Sandals: Dots (bought in Fort Lauderdale)

The Weekend that was.....

What a weekend I had!

I had an adventure on Saturday. A friend of mine inquired why I woke up so early on weekends and the answer is simple..........WORK!!!!! With my job anything can go wrong!!! and this Saturday my worst fear came true! I always had the underline fear that a program wouldn't be ready in time for a funeral and it almost happened! Luckily, I was able to get my stuff together in the nick of time. So I went from Portmore to Princeville Plaza to Tower Hill to Downtown, Kingston to Princeville Plaza to Portmore all before 12:30PM! All without a ride! I have come to the conclusion that I'm a mini Superwoman. In don't know how I get things done but I do!

Sunday, I went to church with my family and Lord knows I needed that message. What did I gain? I was reminded that I need to be grateful for EVERY SINGLE thing in my life....EVERYTHING. In the evening, I had the  pleasure of joining another family, my New Kingston Rotaract family, for our Installation ceremony. It was an absolutely magical night. The decor was splendid and the vibe was wonderful. Wine and friends are always a good time in my book any day.

I was also honoured to be the recipient of the President's Award. All the work I did last Rotaract year was geared towards fulfilling the ideals of the movement, so I didn't expect to win an award for doing something that felt natural. I am truly honoured (My smile is proof of that!).
I'm looking forward to great things and I am absolutely excited for the days ahead.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Just call me Morticia Adams! 2012 has proved to be new beginnings indeed! I lost a partner, gained and lost a lover, moved one step closer to a dream and found that I still have more growing to do.

It's been almost a year since I have blogged and I guess I haven't felt very inspired.Things haven't gone the way I hoped they would and old habits resurfaced causing more pain than good. However, I have decided to hold strong and move forward. I heard once that if the music that's be played isn't your favourite still dance.....

Life throws some of the toughest curve balls but you have to be strong and hold you head higher than the empire state building.

I have lost people that I spent hour on end with and it has instilled some amount of trust issues and hesitation on my part but I have to not rob the people who manned up and stayed a true friend because of fear.

What I want more than ever is to get my heart beat back....

It's going to take prayer and lots of patients.....

I struggled for awhile because I believed my blog had no direction, none the less I'm refocusing and going back  to using this blog to show who I am and what I like. I'm a twenty-something year old who works in a funeral home, still lives at home with my family, loves a good time, is obsessed with fashion and beauty pageants, still watches Disney channel religiously and who is in love with a boy she met 13 years ago.