Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dry Land Tourist Chronicles: Mobay Take Duece

Hello World!

I am a proud Jamaican! I love being an islander and I love that my island is such a big melting pot rich in culture. This love of country has been the boost I needed to get to know it even better. Like any good relationship...you can never know too much about your partner (hahahahaha).

So last weekend I found myself in the Western End of my fair isle. I drove clear across Jamaica to simply spend time with my friend & fellow blogger Shani (sunipink.wordpress.com) & support the Rotaract Club of Hanover's Uniform Party in Lucea, Hanover! This was my first time in Lucea! *happy dance*

I took the bus from Downtown Kingston ($650 ride to my thing yo!) around 4:30 p.m. (I don't know why I  love night travels). I sat beside a Spanish man who spoke no English! Talk about communication challenges! Any how, the journey was quite easy except the Mount Rosser leg!. Lately, I've noticed that the trip up that winding road is becoming a task and a half....Thank Jesus I don't drive. I got to Mobay by 8:15 P.M. and the driver & conductor was so so so so nice! Everybody who knows me, knows I HATE the bus system...with a PASSION! So it was very refreshing to experience such politeness on such a long journey.

Instead of heading to Shani's house, I headed to the Town Centre to meet a dear friend. We had dinner at the restaurant Nyam & Jam near Baywest Shopping centre (I only know Barnett Street so I can't mention the street name). It's a restaurant I always passed on previous visits but I never thought to eat there, I usually stick to the usual fast food options like BK & KFC. After that Fried Chicken I had there I will definitely be eating there again.

Day 2 a.k.a PARTAY DAYYYYY started pretty mild. A friend did some errands in Town. We stopped by Whitter Village (I really love that place) for a little while before heading to my favourite food spot...WENDY'S! *throws confetti* After lunch (at 5 PM!), we headed to Dead End on Gloucester Avenue (Bottom Road) to catch the sunset. One word.....BREATHTAKING! Here are a few pictures from the day:

Loving my Glamhead (Thanks to my AMAZING PIXIE Ryan!)

Felt "Touristy" 

No outfit is complete without a smile!

Jamaica Land I love

Sitting by the water

Ms. SuniPink herself...LOVE HER!!!!

Beautiful Western Sunset

Heading to Sangster's Intl

Simply Beautiful
The night's main escapade was the Rotaract Club of Hanover's Uniform Party in Lucea, Hanover. I am a character sometimes...lol...so I decided to wear my little brother's Preparatory (elementary) school uniform and add my feminine touches. This was my first visit to Lucea, Hanover & I guess it wasn't much of a visit really because we got there after Midnight. The town was fairly busy as that time. Pantucky was fresh in the air and people were just lyming.

The party wasn't really my style but I made the best of it. Luckily, Miss Shani was all the entertainment I needed for the night! Nonstop vibes!

Sunday was a very exciting day because we ventured to the Loreal Makeover Tour at Fontana Pharmacy. We started the day with breakfast at Wendy's (I am so in LOVE!!!!). The Wendy's experience was a trip because of a very interesting Vybz Kartel & Gaza Slim music video which was daring enough to consider Scamming a form of Reparation *blank stare*. Anyhow.... the whole Loreal Experience was amazingly documented by Shani so check out her blog for that fabulous review & video! (http://sunipink.wordpress.com/2013/02/11/the-makeover-tour-studio-squad-loreal-paris/ & http://sunipink.wordpress.com/2013/02/16/larger-than-life/). It was a fun & somewhat larger than life Sunday afternoon experience.

Here is a little video of my trip. My cinematography skills are not the best but it was fun attempting it! I used Windows Media Maker because Adobe Premiere & I are still getting to know each other.

Unfortunately, I had to return to my fast -paced Kingston life. My trip to Mobay was yet again a wonderful experience greatly due to my dear friends Shani, Amani, Zaheer & Alwyn! Until we meet again Mobay...ONE LOVE.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

December/January Mini Haul

I am by no means a Fashion & Beauty Blogger but I'm a YouTube fanatic and I love love love hauls!...so I decided to do a HAUL!

I don't know about anyone else but for me January was a very very very stressful month financially due to a host of Medical visits and  no INSURANCE (don't even ask!)...so my haul was very very MINI...lol

Anyhow my first haul was on  December 31 at my favourite little make up store in Portmore, Blush Boutique (http://www.facebook.com/blushbtique?fref=ts). I bought three items  (1) L'oreal Revitalift wet cleansing towelettes ($1000) to remove my make-up; (2) Klean Color Rainbow Splendor in Desert Spring ($300  from the sales basket!) & (3) Nano Mix 9 Glitter Palette (also $300  from the sales basket!). Since my purchases, I have been using them every chance I get!

My next mini haul took place in January. My dear friend Bathsheba and I decided to just walk the malls on Constant Spring Road. My daily make-up routine for work was a bit to much, so after watching numerous YouTube beauty vloggers share their daily make-up routines, I decided to try a bb cream. After some research, I opted to try the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. I bought it in the Bargain Mall, Clock Tower plaza for $1600. So far it has been really good. The fact that it is light, it gives me enough coverage for my work day. I am obsessed with achieving an even skin tone (something I've lacked for so long as a result of my eczema) and this actually helped me to achieve the look.

After we left Bargain Mall, we ended up at Woolworth where I bought 2 Jordana Lipsticks. I'm obsessed with "Nicki Minaj" Pink lips(thanks to Suni: sunipink.wordpress.com)! So I decided to buy 2 variations of Pink. Strawberry Shortcake (the lighter of the two) &  Rosette (I wear it every chance I get!).

Strawberry Shortcake (top let ) & Rosetta (bottom right)....I'm wearing Rosette in Both Pics
I also had a Pharmacy/Wholesale Haul . I was in need of lip balm and that was the main reason for my trip to the Pharmacy, however, in true Shana fashion that wasn't the only thing I bought lol. I also ended up buying a bottle of Witch Hazel ($277.00 + tax). I decided to try it as a toner after reading Debbie's Items Favoured & Flawed post (http://youareexotic.blogspot.com/2012/08/items-favoured-flawed.html). I have no regrets so far & additional research helped me to learn that it is also good for treating eczema and other skin ailments. I also bought an Optimum care hair treatment. I have watched and read many reviews on this line and I'm thinking of trying a few more products. Oh...I did get a Blistex Medicated Lip Balm & my lips have improved dramatically!

It was a super mini haul but I think I got some good stuff! Can't wait to blog about the cute stuff I got from my mom's winter vacay in the Big Apple!

Thanks alot for reading my blog!