Saturday, April 27, 2013

ACMATIC Listening Session!

I am a huge Alternative music fan! It was my constant companion when I was having a rough time in my life. So I was more than delighted when on Tuesday April 23rd, 2013, I was given the chance to attend Acmatic's Listening Session at Big Yard Studio in Kingston, thanks to my amazing award winning Music Blogger friend Wade from The session began at 6:30 pm but unfortunately my friend Leethan & I arrived late (an hour late to be exact!). However we were able to catch three really good songs from the Almost Famous EP. The session was pure #dopeness, Check out the review here.

Acmatic is a band I love! I have been listening to their music awhile now &  I love that despite being Jamaican and surrounded by Reggae & Dancehall, they have been able to make music that transcends the Jamaican cliche! Their music has personality and you can't help but rock out when you hear it.

It was an awesome experience & I would do it every night in a heartbeat!

Many thanks to Wade & Leethan.

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Check out Acmatic's  "Almost EP" (You won't regret it!)

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

OOTD: Frenchbook

Easter time is party season in Jamaica. Usually I stay home but this year I decided to check out one party (only because Sizzla was performing)....Frenchbook! I opted for a very casual look because I thought it was more 'live music appropriate" & it was also a beach party, so my look fit that  too.

Top - Gift from Mom's recent trip to NYC
Shorts - DIY (Learned the Dolphin Ear technique from a Seventeen Magazine DIY video)
Necklace - Bought from my Aunt
Watch- Gift
Earring - bought for $200 from a roaming vendor in Portmore one Saturday
Slippers - $600 (Downtown Baby!)

Finally got this eyebrow thing...LOL
Foundation - Mary Kay Bronze 607
Powder - Bare Minerals 
Concealer - Elizabeth Arden (Sable)
Eyebrows - Wet n' Wild eyebrow pencil & Elizabeth Arden brow kit
Eye shadow - Elf & Klean Kolor
Lips - Arista (Si Si Bon) - Made by Sacha Cosmetics, Trinidad!
Eyeliner - Maybelline Illegal Length

Here are some pics from my friend Shanique:

Me & My friend Shanique!

Runway pose!

Kirov & Orange Juice in my cup!


Guinness in hand! Another great night out with friends.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

OOTD: Good Friday

I am by no means a Fashion Blogger & I have no intentions of becoming one. I just love clothes & how creative one can be with them.

Top: Old Navy
Vest: Almost Famous
Shorts: DIY Project
Bag: Don't remember the brand (bought it at Blush Boutique for only $2000)
Necklace: Got it from my  Aunt on Holy Thursday (I think she bought it at the Portmore Mall)
Earrings: Zen (payed $750 for them)
Slippers: Primark

My hair needed to be processed so I decided to get creative and with the help of an old T-shirt I got these lovely curls.

My Make-Up look was inspired by my necklace (I tried).

Dry Land Tourist Chronicles: Hollywell National Park

My latest trek took place on February 23, 2013,  to the Hollywell National Park, found in the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park. My Rotaract club hosts an annual camping trip to Hollywell dubbed "Survivor". This was the fourth staging and my second Survivor. I have to get it out there from now that I AM NOT CAMPING way shape or form.

We departed from UTECH at 12 mid-day and it was an adventure. The day started with a few of my friends having to pick a car lock after another friend left his key in his car. I never knew I knew so many potential car-jackers ha hhahahaha.....better yet Jacks & Janes of numerous trades....locksmithing at the top of the list.

We arrived at Hollywell at around 2 PM or so and we started of the day with team challenges. We were split into three teams and the first challenge was to make fire. It was a great team building activity because we had limited options to choose from to make this a reality lol. The next challenged involved us running a mile away from camp to The Gap Cafe Bed & Breakfast. We had to take a picture of the team planking there & another at the Hollywell Sign. Points were allocated to the most creative pictures and the first teams to finish the challenge. This challenge proved how UNFIT  I am!

After resting a bit, we were then challenged to a balloon passing race. We first had to use our elbows then our knees. The first team to do so with without the balloon falling were the winners. Unfortunately my team wasn't the fittest or strongest but we were the most disciplined!

After the sunset the real fun began! We were lucky enough to have Ipods, Iphones & Ipads galore! so entertainment was not in short order. We also built a bonfire, played dominoes and Circle of Death (a very memorable drinking games which I will outline in a future post hopefully). We spent the latter part of the night talking and bonding.

This year we didn't opt for a cabin so roughing it was the order of the day! I can't believe I slept outside in a tent! Despite the backache, I had fun sleeping under the stars.

The next day we took a hike to the Waterfall on the property. I was very reluctant to make the trek but it paid off. Overall the experience was wonderful & I am anticipating next year!!!!!!

Here is a little video:

I recommend the Hollywell Experience to anyone! It is an amazing bonding & team-building experience. So try it with your family or friends! You won't regret it!

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