Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Walking Shoes

Today I am exactly three months away from 28. Wowzer I am getting to the Big 3-0 faster than I thought I would. Luckily, I am not dreading at all. I genuinely believe that my life will "begin" at 30.

So...the other day I was sitting on the other half's verandah and I looked down & what I saw was my belly hanging over my jeans. I don't have a fat-phobia.....I just don't want a big belly. I don't fear being 300LBS...I just fear a BIG BELLY. To add insult to injury, I noticed that my work slacks are NO LONGER SLACK!

I looked in my mirror that evening & said to myself I can't meet 28 feeling or looking like I do! So I got off my ass and decided to do something about it. I only started on Monday but it was a start. I know I know I know...EVERYBODY & their kin is on a weight-loss healthy eating regime, for more reasons that I can list.

I am aware that maybe my reason is superficial...feel free to judge. However, the reality is that I look at myself EVERYDAY in the mirror & how I see myself is more important that what anyone else thinks. I love me & that's why I decided to do this...FOR ME. Exercising also serves as excellent bonding time with my mother. After work, we put on our exercise garb & head out. I don't have a clue how many miles we walk.

The route is simple, we use Greater Portmore as our walking/jogging trail. We begin with walking & continue doing so for half of the trail & then jog the rest of the way. I don't know if you read my Hollywell blog & watched the vlog & saw how unfit I was!!!! I don't want to be panting like that EVER again.

It takes alot of discipline just to get out of the house after a long hard day at work but the feeling I get after exercising is simply magical! Next on the checklist...adjusting my DIET (which I reckon will be the hardest because I LOVE FOOD!) However. it can be done & it will be done Age Quod Agis (to the best of my ability).

Thanks for reading my blog & let's see if I will be transformed for the BIG 2-8!

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